Today I watched this movie for the first time and I can appreciate how good the movie was, but I don’t think I can explain how much second hand stress it caused me. It sounds SO dramatic, I know. But I could not stand the depiction of Mark Zuckerberg (and therefore, assuming that I also couldn’t stand him as a person) and how arrogant he was. I think the movie did a great job at giving the audience this impression from the opening scene of him completely wrecking his date.

I chose to make these two GIFs because I think it perfectly depicts how in control this man was from start to finish of creating Facebook. He created this site, dealt with a lawsuit against him where he showed no nerves or intentions of fixing any misdoings to those around him, and became the youngest billionaire.
Frankly I made this to really emphasize how much of a mood my boy Mark put me in.

I would say that the biggest thing I could appreciate with this movie and those in it, would be how brilliant some minds work. Watching people completely understand coding something and creating a website from scratch, then knowing how to advertise it and grow it within hours absolutely baffled and amazed me. It was also very interesting to see that a social media outlet that I personally use every day began with betrayal and lawsuits. It isn’t something that I ever casually heard about or read about. I think when there is a topic that is not in my scope of interest, I tend to ignore the backstory. I wish I would have looked into the story of Facebook earlier and read more about it. This man created a website that made him become insanely rich at a younger age than I am now…. Makes me wonder when I will become a billionaire as it is overdue (-:

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